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Our goal is to find a forever home for each of our rescued animals.


Bringing a new pet into your life is a big decision, and when you adopt, you’re giving a orphaned pet the second chance it deserves — and freeing up shelter resources to help other pets in need. Lost Cove Animal Sanctuary is here for animals that can’t always be adopted directly from the shelter. They arrive here for a variety of reasons, but they’re all looking for the same things: love, security and a family of their own. Adoption is an act of love — and that’s where you come in.


All of the animals in our program have received a veterinary exam, heartworm test and put on prevention or treated if positive, given age appropriate vaccines, spay/neuter surgery, flea/tick preventative and a microchip.

Please know that when you adopt an animal from Lost Cove Animal Sanctuary, you are not “buying” that animal rather you are paying for all of the time, effort, medical care, and behavioral evaluation that is given to that animal so that he/she can become a healthy, happy family member.



Questions to ask yourself

Consider your answers to the following questions and statements to gauge whether you’re ready for a new furry friend: 


  • Can you commit for the animal’s entire life?


  • What will you do with the pet if you move?


  • If you plan to have children or have them now, choosing child friendly pet is important.


  • Can you afford the sometimes costly medical care that comes with caring for a pet?


  • Will you be retiring during the pet’s lifetime and wanting to travel?  Do you want to take the pet with you?


  • Are you mostly active or passive? Consider your lifestyle when choosing a pet and breed. Look at breeds that are known to match your activity level.


  • Are you allowed to have pets where you’re living now? Any restrictions on size or breed?


These are just a few of the many concerns and issues to consider.                         


Adoption fees help cover cost to administer  vaccinations, do medical testing, medications, microchips and spay and neuter of our rescued pets. Our fees vary based on age and location of the pet and typically range from $100-$400.

We can only help our current pets and future pets when additional donations are made. As a private rescue, Lost Cove operates with income provided by adoption fees and donations from the public. We receive no   government funding.




What Our fans say

North Carolina has won the animal rescue lottery in Pam Abare. She is a compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and FUN person to have in your corner.


Its founder, Pam Abare, is experienced, knowledgeable and caring. She has good judgment and is an intelligent decision maker. The animals coming through Lost Cove are receiving the best care possible.


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