Sanctuary Residents

Sherman was dropped at a high kill shelter as a senior because he leaks when he sleeps. He was checked out medically and they could find no reason and no cure. Due to this issue, we decided he could join our bunch and we could deal with the issue. He is such a wonderful, mellow guy. 

We lost Sherman at the age of 14. We will miss his great personality and loud snore. 

Emma joined our crew after we moved to North Carolina. We still had all our Bulldog connections, so a shelter in KY called me to see if we could take in a 10-year-old with skin issues. After only a few weeks all the inflammation had gone away and she looked and felt great. She is on the same expensive allergy medication as Capone and we were just so worried that an adopter might not be able to manage her allergies and with her age, she deserves to be comfortable and happy.

Gracie is a permanent resident because she is actually Mike’s dog.  Mike wanted a small breed dog, which are harder to find in a rescue setting.  Gracie is a sweet, well-behaved, little girl and we love having her as part of our gang. 


Joe was the inspiration for Lost Cove and the first animal we took. He will be a permanent resident due to his limitations. A woman asked us to take in a rooster with frostbite on his feet. With the vet’s help, we healed the areas that were damaged, but he unfortunately lost one foot and toes on the other foot.  He gets around just fine in his secure area and has a heated coop with us.

Sweet Civita is a product of a puppy mill. When she came to us in 2014, she was terrified of everthing and only wanted to stay in her crate.  We diligently worked with her and she now trusts us. That is why she is a permanent resident of Lost cove.

We took Cooper in from another rescue when he was 3 years old. He is adorable, funny and feisty. We decided not to place him as he does have a nasty side to his personality as well and we were afraid someone else might have trouble reading him.

Capone came to the rescue I ran in Illinois because the shelter could not get his skin to heal with all his allergies and after his eye had to be removed due to Glaucoma, he was not doing well there.  While fostering him, we did get all his skin issues to clear up. The daily medication he is on can be costly and the checks with the eye specialist can be as well, we decided to add him to our bunch of Bulldogs. He has one of the easiest personalities of any French Bulldog we have fostered.


Nezumi was surrendered to a shelter at 4 weeks old to be put to sleep. Her back legs were deformed and she had ulcers on her eyes. Our vet was able to fix one leg so it worked pretty well, but even with 2 surgeries, the other could not be fixed. We kept her because not only does Nezumi have medical issues, but behavior issues as well. She will immediately eat anything on the ground she finds and we were worried about her having to be managed so closely.


Boozer is one of the few dogs we adopted from another rescue. We had just lost one with the same spinal defect and knew we could handle his special needs. He doesn’t walk well and does have to wear a belly band as he cannot always control his bladder. He was diagnosed a few months ago with heart failure and is on a few medications to make him more comfortable. He is the cutest little guy who was dealt a terrible hand, so we make him as comfortable as we can.  We know he won’t be with us long, but we are so happy we adopted him as there is something so special about him.